How to choose a bike tire

The bike tire has many sizes and many categories.
I do not know where to look!
I have tried summarizing some important points so I think that you can refer.
※ We are taking the case of on-road radial as an example.

① Check tire size

For motorcycles, one tire size is determined by each manufacturer, manufacturer.
(Those that are written and the tire size and air pressure, many of which is stuck under the swing arm and sheet) Body of caution label
is sure if it can be confirmed! (Except custom car, etc.)
the exchange of genuine size is the most safety, it is safe.
If you do not know the size, please see the sidewall of the tire (the side of the bike tire).


Is the number like ↑ is written?
Various information other than the tire size is stated in this figure.
When you contact the such as the size of the tire with your phone, such as the example here in reference
will be saved and you can contact us.

If you do not understand, please contact us directly by telephone.
It is also possible to examine the size of the tire from the year or chassis number. (Some exceptions)

② Used for me

Motorcycle also motorbikes are good at tooling. As sports driving and there is a good bike
to bike tire There is touring for (life-oriented) Sports for (grip emphasis).
Touring tires are suitable for long-term driving on long touring or highways, but they are not well suited for circuits and intense winding.
Sports tires are possible not only for winding driving, but also for running on circuits and so on. However, the life is short accordingly.


This picture was excerpted from BRIDGESTONE.
You can see that there are many kinds of on-road tires alone.

In this way, from various manufacturers, for touring, for sports, and a lot of motorcycle tires are line-up.

Want to run is this about the distance
I want to run a place like this
, please contact us at the time of the inquiry if there is hope.

③ manufacturer

Dunlop , Bridgestone , Pirelli , MichelinMetzler , IRC (in alphabetical order) and so on.
Each manufacturer has its own feature. I’m not a tire of this manufacturer Yada!
Such a commitment is also important.
Usually so you can Stock Now also in the tire with no lineup in the shop
, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have what you are looking for a tire.

④ price

again but it is a price … is coming in the mood
in the Motofutto we offer a large number of full-time special price bike tire!
From touring to sports, you can prepare at a special price.

For special bicycle tires, please contact our shop! It is!
You can also check here! It is!

Please inquire us of the bike tire inventory and questions etc., please feel free! It is!