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Pursuit of control performance to manipulate lightweight Supermoto vehicle freely.
From tarmac to dirt, in every condition
is stable Supermoto for high-grip radial to demonstrate the potential.

Quick warm-up performance and Supermoto only compound adopted that combines the grip sustainability. And stable grip force is also a large tarmac and dirt iteration of the road surface temperature change, to maintain control.

To cope with the harsh road conditions in the Supermoto race, front to adopt a two-cut breaker, corresponding to heavy braking and tight cornering. On the rear to ensure the high-speed stability by adopting a HES-JLB structure, further corresponds to the shock absorption in the jumps and bumps.

While responding to the race of the Supermoto to the front and rear both, it adopted taking into account the pattern of the wet performance and wear performance required for public roads.Front optimize the pattern rigidity in the tuning to match the lightweight vehicle characteristics, realize the good handling of the response. Rear is placing a right angle close to the groove with respect to the circumferential direction to the crown portion, to achieve a good traction in the dirt section.


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